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Please note that this site is still in a beta development phase.

Over the last year respond_ has been developed as part of The Digital R&D for the Arts. We hope you enjoy using this platform and please do contact us anytime at if you have any thoughts about using this site or any questions for us. respond_ has been built based on user feedback and we will continue to develop respond_ where ever possible to enhance your user experience and to create an easy to use, engaging and informative online creative workshop environment.

Thank you from all the team at respond_

respond_ in action

Discussing the development of two new dance works: Douglas by Robbie Synge and Air Hunger by Hagit Yakira


About Critical Response Process Partners


  1. Benefits
    1. To the artist / arts organisation

      Liz Lerman's Critical Response Process is internationally renowned, and respond_ is its first and only digital adaptation.
      Connect with a supportive and focused network during the creative process.
      Receive structured, moderated feedback on the work-in-progress.
      Share your work with a private, invited group of participants, or open it up to the world - whichever suits you better.
      Deepen audience understanding, engagement and empathy with new work.

    2. To the digital audience

      Interacting directly with an artist creating new work.
      Developing a new understanding of the creative process.
      Developing personal and group skills of critical enquiry.
      Join in from anywhere in the world, whenever suits you.

    3. To everyone

      Easy-to-use interface, built around a user-led design with feedback from artists, arts organisations and audiences.

  2. Background

    IIn 2013, Yorkshire Dance, in partnership with Breakfast Creatives and University of Leeds, was chosen as one of over 60 arts and cultural projects to receive funding from the £7 million Digital R&D Fund for the Arts.

    Each project tested the use of digital technologies to widen audience access and engagement in the arts, with the purpose of developing useful products, services and knowledge for the wider arts and cultural sector.

    The partnership created respond_, an online platform to encourage audiences and the wider public to become more actively engaged in the creation and interpretation of contemporary dance.

    A digital adaptation of Liz Lerman's renowned Critical Response Process (CRP), the technology enables participants to interact with artists, share their feedback and interpretations of artistic ideas and works-in-progress, and exchange ideas with others using the site.

    After two successful projects in 2014, the partnership has refined respond_ and it's now ready for you to use...

    Find out how it worked for Yorkshire Dance here.

  3. In the words of the makers

    Wieke Eringa CEO of Yorkshire Dance and Antony Dunn Head of Marketing and Communications

    Dr Ben Walmsley and Dr Laura Griffiths
    Lecturer in Creativity & Collaboration and University Student Education Fellow School of Performance & Cultural Industries, University of Leeds

  4. From the artists point of view

    Robbie Synge - Reflections on respond_

    Hagit Yakira - Reflections on respond_

The Critical Response Process

  1. What is the Critical Response Process (CRP)?

    The Critical Response Process, created by the US artist and choreographer Liz Lerman, is a feedback system based on the principle that the best possible outcome from a response session is for the maker to want to go back to work. Embraced by dance-makers, artmakers, educators, scientists, theatre companies, orchestras, science centres, museums and more, it has deepened dialogue between makers and audiences, enhanced learning between teachers and students and proved valuable for all kinds of creative endeavours and collaborative relationships within and beyond the arts.

  2. An example in practice

    Liz Lerman: The Critical Response Process

    Puppet Animation Scotland and the Federation of Scottish Theatre invited American choreographer Liz Lerman to lead a two day taster in her Critical Response Process. This process that Liz created 20 years ago allows people to be able to critique performance work.

    Three companies were invited to perform their work and then be the subject of the process afterwards.

  3. International acclaim

    "In supporting the creation of new work, we have found Liz's Lerman's Critical Response Process to be the best tool we've ever encountered in assisting individual artists at the most vulnerable stages of creation. The Process empowers artists and invests responders with real responsibility as audience members."

    – James C. Nicola, Artistic Director, New York Theatre Workshop

  4. In Liz Lerman's words: Liz Lerman

    "I'm thrilled that Yorkshire Dance & co have taken the leap to test CRP within a digital platform. It has been so interesting to me to consider what feedback reached me and what didn't, and why, questions which spurred me to develop CRP and which continue to drive its refinements and variations. I hope that users of Respond_ will experience new pleasures of the Process through this platform."

    To learn more about Liz Lerman's Critical Response Process click here


  1. respond_ project team

    respond_ is is a collaboration between Yorkshire Dance, the US choreographer Liz Lerman (author of The Critical Response Process) Breakfast Creatives and the University of Leeds School of Performance and Cultural Industries

  2. Funded by

    Funded by NESTA, The Arts Council England and the AHRC Digital R&D fund for the Arts.

How to use

The 90 second guide


What respond_ gives you FAQ


  1. What respond_ gives you

    A four stage interactive online workshop

    a digital adaptation of Liz Lerman's renowned Critical Response Process

    that guides you and your participants through the process, step by step, with prompts and user-guides built in at each step

    that allows you to add video or still visual references for you and your participants to discuss

    that allows you to invite as many participants as you like

    that enables you to moderate discussions publicly or privately, as a safeguard to the artist and to encourage positive critical enquiry.

    The ability to tailor respond_ to suit your specific project

    with editable background imagery and introductory text (for each step) to reflect the nature of your project and your organisation

    with a personalised web address including the name of your artist's project or your own organisation

    A Face-to-Face online group discussion

    in real time, online, between an artist and all participants

    structured to encourage positive critical enquiry while focussing on the development of the artist and the project

    which enables you and/or your artist to preview and moderate all participants' questions or comments before they are published

    Service and support, including

    a face-to-face meeting with one of the respond_ team to help set up your project

    an easy-to-use, online guide made available to your project manager before your respond_ project begins

    full email and phone support from the respond_ team throughout the set-up and running of your respond_ project.*

    Tailored timings

    The duration of your respond_ project can be tailored to your specific needs. We recommend that a project last between one and two weeks, but we can discuss your requirements at your set-up meeting.

    Automatically generated reporting


    *Full service and support available during normal UK working hours 10am - 6pm (GMT/BST) and with the assurance, throughout a project's duration, of an immediate acknowledgement of your request and a full personal response from a member of the respond_ team within an hour.

  2. What respond_ will cost you

    £450 per respond_ project

    If more than one workshop is needed within an individual project each additional workshop would cost a further £100.

    Prices shown excluding VAT

    Prices are set until 30th September 2015 and apply only to verified not-for-profit arts organisations, artists and arts educators.

    Organisations which do not fall into these categories wanting to discuss commercial applications of respond_ are invited to contact us here.


  1. How long does a project last? This can be up to you, but through testing with artists and participants we have found that one to two weeks is an ideal length.
  2. Do I need to be technically skilled to adapt this to my project? No! Is the simple answer, but familiarity with managing the content of a blog would help. When staring your respond_ project a full step by step guide will be made available and we can arrange a face to face meeting with someone from the respond_ team to talk you through the process, help where needed and to answer any other questions about working with the platform you may have. A member of the respond_ team will also be on hand offering service and support throughout your project.
  3. Can I rebrand respond_ to suit my project / organisation? Yes! respond_ has been designed for you to tailor the look and feel of project by adding your own background image and title to your respond_ platform and to edit the text to suit your specific project. You will also be provided a unique URL (website address) with the name of your organisation or project included into this. should read You will also be provided with a unique URL (website address) with the name of your organisation or project included in it.
  4. Who invites and manages the workshop participants? This is over to you! respond_ offers a framework for your online workshop along with tools to help stay in touch and to send out automatic prompts and notifications to participants as required. For instance to notify someone automatically when an artist or another participant has responded to one of their comments, to highlight a key learning with the whole group or to help prompt someone to return to the platform to complete a step if needed.
  5. What if somebody says something inflammatory or insulting while using respond? The core ethos behind respond_ is to enable positive critical enquiry and discussions to take place in a supportive and safe environment. This is carefully highlighted to all participants as they first log on to each new respond_ project, supported again by the automatic prompts and further information provided during each of the four steps in respond_. Alongside this and to ensure that no inflammatory or insulting language is used you as the administrator have the ability to remove any comment and also to approve any comment before going live. The same is the case when holding the live webinar (the live discussion between you and the artist/ creator where participants can type in questions to be answered within the live discussion in real time.)
  6. How do I save or review the information/ discussions that happen while using respond_? respond_ automatically saves every comment added to the platform. They can be easily retrieved or searched for at any time through a search filter in the administration area. At the end of each project statistics are automatically made available showing how users have interacted with the site.

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